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  • Go to Puppies for sale and choose the puppy/Puppies you are interested in On list of Available pups, click Contact us Button under the puppy which you are interested in, you will be re-directed to our Contact Us Page, were you will be indicated which information is required to be submitted. Fill the information form and click submit.
  • We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours with gratitude and 100% attention.
  • We answer your questions, provide professional guidance, select the best puppies of the litter and assure they are healthy and up to our expectations which are not less than yours.
  • Full payment is required prior to Pick up or shipping. Give yourself at least 1 business day before the expected arrival day to make sure we receive your payment in time to process all required documents and health checks.
  • Upon receiving the puppy, kindly notified us and bring him/her to the local vet to ensure that the puppy we sent are in good health. You are required to provide the report within forty-eight (48) hours otherwise the health guaranteed will be void. 
  • Once all the above are done, please promise us you will provide the best and take extra care, giving all love for our little babies. We will miss them :(

Kindly Take Note

a) The process above is mainly for US and CANADA customer. Other countries may varies. Kindly check with your local authority on the requirement and breed allowed. 

b) All pricing includes shipment as the cost varies depending on location unless there is a promotion stated.


We are working with reputable airliner or courier company to ensure that your puppy is being sent and handled in a safe, comfortable and stress-free cargo. This is not a generally cargo but a special space for the pet managed by a trained staff from the freight company to ensure the puppy is well taken care off and stress free. You will be required to pick up the your puppy from the airport. , Except you will want a Door step delivery. We strive to have 0% accident rate and as of yet have not have any accident since we started our business. Should there be any *touch-wood* accident, we will most willingly provide a full refund.​

© Copyright 2017 Social Maltese - All Rights Reserved